Noncommercial Economic Relief

The Federal government and US 50 States have announced a few economic measures to help small businesses, families and communities survive the impact of closures due to stay-at-home orders to curtail the spread of the pandemic. Here we highlight a few policies that go beyond economic relief measures to small businesses and instead look at policies that help families, workers who don't own an asset like a business e.g. independent workers such as contract or Gig workers. We also look at various tax reliefs, mortgage, and other similar benefits for non-commercial entities.







Stay-at-home orders and closures due to the COVID-19 outbreak and impact individuals' ability to go to work. Furthermore, small and mid-size businesses cannot facilitate work from home options due to the nature of work. Their workers could be displaced.

Independent contractors and other workers who are ordinarily ineligible for unemployment benefits are adversely impacted due to COVID-19.

Homeowners' ability to pay the mortgage may be impacted, and they may need help delaying their mortgage payments or incur late fees or risk of foreclosures.

State, Local, and Tribal governments need help navigating the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak


Federal Policies




Many policies have yet to be fully implemented. For instance, the CARES act has still not been able to be fully deployed, and some families won't receive their $1,500 until September.

Many groups of workers including the nation’s estimated 11 million immigrants who are undocumented pay nearly $12 billion annually in state and local taxes are currently not included for receiving benefits under the current CARES act.


Highlighted State Policies & Initiatives

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