Access to Utilities

Due to significant increases in unemployment and loss of work hours, many Americans have found it difficult to pay for utilities. Here, we outline the specific problems related to access to utilities in the US, policies and organizations in place to help mitigate this, and highlight what is still lacking.







Due to layoffs and loss of work hours, paying bills for utilities has become increasingly difficult for families and individuals as they try to afford other essentials such as food.

Access to utilities is incredibly important as utilities are essential for maintaining hygiene, cooking, working, and other essential activities, as well as accessing crucial information.

Affording utilities can be especially difficult for renters relative to home-owners.


Federal Policies





Many policies have yet to be fully implemented. For instance, the CARES act has still not been able to be fully deployed, and some families won't receive their $1,500 until September.

These policies do not specifically protect all families and individuals from utility shutoffs.


Highlighted State Policies & Initiatives

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